Our Mission
The Saint Gabriel Catholic School Parent Teacher Organization is dedicated to assisting the principal, faculty, staff and administration of the school by raising necessary funds, providing necessary manpower, and fostering a school community that enables teachers and parents to best teach and nurture children so that children may grow in faith and become the adults that Jesus Christ calls them to be.

St. Gabriel Catholic School is blessed to have an active Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) that contributes to many facets of the school community. The PTO is lead by an elected board that consists of 15 representatives. This board manages the activities of approximately 40 active committees. Meetings are held monthly and are open to anyone who wants to attend. PTO activities focus on complementing the goals of school-lead activities by raising funds, providing volunteer support and generally supporting and contributing to the nurturing environment characteristic of the school. We encourage all of our families to actively participate in PTO functions and efforts and to contact any board or committee member with any questions.

PTO dues are collected at the beginning of each school year. Each paying family is considered a member of the PTO and can vote on PTO issues if the need arises. The PTO conducts fundraisers throughout the school year to enable the funding of the many events and programs that it sponsors. Both the dues and the fundraisers are done to support the operating budget of the PTO.

PTO News
The PTO's most up-to-date information. The PTO Newsletter is published every 4-6 weeks via email and contains highlights and news.

Events and Programs
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PTO Dues
Dues are collected annually. You may pay online at the beginning of every school year or by this hardcopy form anytime.

PTO Contacts
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PTO Meeting Schedule
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