Dress Code

The Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools (MACS) System and St. Gabriel Catholic School believe that an appropriate dress code is important in educating our students in the necessity of good grooming and acceptable appearance, without an over-emphasis on commercialization. Our students are, therefore, required to wear a school uniform, as outlined below.  

On this page, you will also find information about our free uniform exchange program, dress down days, and where to purchase school uniforms.  If you have questions about the school uniform, please contact the school office at 704-366-2409.   

 General Information

  • All clothing should be free of designs, emblems or labels, other than those of the school.
  • All jumpers, skorts and shorts should be a conservative length. In the case clothing worn deviates from this policy, parents will be notified.
  • Students’ names should be on all uniform items. If your child misplaces an item it will be sent to the Lost and Found for one month before being donated to the Uniform Exchange (see below). Lost and Found is located in the hallway outside the gym near the picnic tables and drink machines.
 Physical Education Uniform
  • Students attend P.E. twice a week. On these days, students wear the P.E. uniform for the entire school day.
  • The P.E. uniform is gender neutral and includes navy mesh shorts or navy sweatpants and a gray t-shirt – all with the school emblem, purchased from Flynn & O’Hara.
  • Navy or gray school emblem sweatshirts are the only acceptable sweatshirts.
  • Students are required to wear sneakers on the scheduled P.E. days.

Gym Uniform Example for All Children


Everyday Dress Uniform

  • Girls K-4 and boys K-5 may wear solid navy blue twill, tailored and hemmed pants or shorts. Belts (dark, solid colored) should be worn with shorts or pants with belt loops for students in grades 1-5. Baggy and oversized pants, cargo pants, and carpenter-style pants are not permitted.
  • Girls K-4 may also wear the school’s blue and grey plaid jumper (available at Flynn & O’Hara in two styles), which must be a conservative length.  This jumper is required for Full Dress uniform days (such as Mass days).   Any color shorts may be worn under the jumper. Girls K-4 may not wear skorts.  During winter (as soon as the temperatures dip below 50 degrees), girls are allowed to wear full length to the ankle black, navy blue, white, or gray leggings with their plaid jumpers or fifth grade skorts. 
  • ONLY fifth grade girls may wear the navy skort or plaid kilt with the school logo, in a conservative length, from Flynn & O’Hara. They may also choose from the items listed above.
  • The shirt may be a short or long sleeved white or gray knit polo shirt with a collar, white turtleneck, or blouse with peter-pan collar. Shirts must be tucked in and may be plain or feature the school emblem. No other logos may be on the shirt.  
  • ONLY fifth grade girls may wear a navy polo shirt with a collar, turtleneck, or blouse with their kilts.
  • Solid navy blue or white cardigan or crew neck style sweaters, with or without the school emblem, may be worn over a uniform shirt.
  • Only the navy blue or gray school emblem sweatshirt which from Flynn & O’Hara or Educational Outfitters may be worn over a regular uniform shirt. Other sweatshirts are not allowed to be worn during the school day as part of the school uniform. Charlotte Catholic High School sweatshirts may only be worn with the uniform on designated Spirit Days.
  • All students must wear socks. White or navy blue socks, knee-highs, anklets or tights are acceptable.
  • Sneakers, tennis shoes and flat-heeled dress shoes that are appropriate for school and safe for use on playground equipment may be worn.  No light-up shoes/sneakers, clogs, Crocs, sandals, or boots of any kind. Shoe laces should always be tied. Boat shoes (e.g., Sperry’s) may only be worn with socks on non-gym days.  
  • Simple jewelry may be worn, e.g., single chain or bracelet, watch, small earrings (non-dangling nor hoops). For the safety of the student, earrings may not extend below the ear lobe.
  • Hair accessories may be any color but not out of character with the uniform. Flynn & O’Hara offers headbands and scrunchies in the uniform fabric.
  • Hair should be well groomed. Boys' hair should not touch the collar and should be out of the eyes.
  • Coats, jackets, vests of any type are permitted for outside use on the playground. Only the approved uniform sweatshirts and vests may be worn inside the school and church building during the school day.  

 Everyday Uniform Example for All Boys

 Everyday Uniform Example for Girls - Grade 5

Full Dress Uniform

A full dress uniform is required on Mass days (usually on Wednesdays) and some other occasions, such as certain field trips or assemblies. A full dress uniform consists of:

Girls K-4

The school jumper, a white blouse with a collar and sleeves.*

Girls 5th grade

The plaid kilt with a white blouse or navy blue knit polo style shirt. The hem of a kilt may be no shorter than one inch above the knee.*

All boys

Long navy blue pants with white or gray collared shirt, tucked in. Boys in grades 2-5 must wear a belt.*

*All students 

Tennis shoes are fine. 
School logo hoodies and sweatshirts may be worn, but other non-logo jackets must be removed in the Church or classroom.

Full Dress Uniform Example  Girls K-4


Dress Down Days

  • Held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and on other occasions, as announced.
  • Students may wear regular (non-uniform) clothes that are tasteful and in keeping with the conservative standards of the Catholic school (no miniskirts, jeans with holes, objectionable words on t-shirts, no hats).
    • Hats, headbands, sunglasses, visors, etc. are not allowed unless otherwise specified by the teacher or principal for a special occasion.
    • Girls may wear dresses, skirts with blouses, jeans, or shorts of a conservative length so that sitting, bending, or kneeling will not cause embarrassment to the student or to others around her. Strapless dresses, ‘spaghetti’ straps, halter and tank tops are not appropriate for school.
    • Any article which advertises alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or displays violence, satanic symbols or suggestive words, is prohibited.
    • Boys should wear shorts, pants, or jeans that are neat with no holes, cuts or tears.
    • Tank tops, muscle shirts, midriff jerseys, see-through mesh jerseys, and torn clothing are not acceptable wear for school.
    • The uniform shoe requirements remain in effect on Dress Down Days.  
  • Most dress-down days are designated to recognize a charity or raise a small amount of money for an organization in need. Each student is asked to bring in a $1 donation (or can of food, etc.) to donate. Donations are optional and any amount is appreciated.
  • Some Fall Fridays (as announced by the school office), students may wear red or blue t-shirts in support of Charlotte Catholic High School home football games. Spirit t-shirts may be purchased from PTO at the beginning of the school year or students may wear any appropriate red or blue shirt on these days.  Regular uniform bottoms or jumpers are worn on these days.

Uniform Exchange

  • A free program sponsored by the PTO for parents to obtain and/or donate gently worn uniforms for their children. No donation is needed to obtain items.
  • Parents may check the Uniform Exchange anytime for needed items by obtaining the key to the PTO closet from the school office. (The PTO closet is located near the cafeteria entrance.) The uniform racks are also brought out at various school functions.
  • Donations may be placed in the blue collection bin outside of the LEAP room (near the cafeteria entrance).

Uniform Miscellaneous

  • All students must wear white or navy socks, knee highs, or tights.
  • Sneakers, tennis shoes, and flat-heeled shoes are appropriate for school. No light-up shoes, clogs, sandals, or boots permitted.
  • Simple jewelry – no hoop or dangling earrings.
  • Hair accessories may be any color but not out of character with the uniform. Flynn & O’Hara offers headbands and scrunchies in the uniform fabric.
  • Hair should be well groomed. Boys’ hair should be out of their eyes and not touch their shirt collar.
  • Students may not wear nail polish.
  • Scout uniforms may be worn on the days when a scout meeting is scheduled.
  • Many girls wear bike or athletic shorts under their school jumpers.

Where to Purchase Uniforms

Flynn & O'Hara Uniforms
Montford Abbey Shopping Center 
1730 Abbey Place
Charlotte, NC 28209

Call for store hours


Educational Outfitters
820 Tyvola Road #100
Charlotte, NC 28217

Call for store hours