Praying Mothers

Our Mission
We are mothers devoted to praying for our St. Gabriel Catholic School community through sharing, worshiping, and abiding together in our faith.

We meet every Monday morning (on school days) from 7:45 to 8:30 a.m. in the church Ministry Center, Room E.   Our meetings include:

  • A brief, encouraging reflection and scripture reading on an attribute of God’s character

  • Praying for students, teachers, and staff by name -- we pray for one class or group at each meeting

  • Prayers of intercession for the needs we’ve received and for those of our own children and families

Prayer Requests
St. Paul reminds all of us to pray on behalf of each other “on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests” (Ephesians 6:16-18).  We view all prayer requests as a sacred trust and keep them confidential.  Our confidentiality commitment is below.*

Prayer boxes are available in the school lobby next to the statue of Mary and in the teachers’ lounges for submitting prayer requests. Another prayer box circulates among the classrooms. Each week, one classroom is invited to write prayer intentions. We will pray for these students and teachers by name at the following meeting, as well as for all of the intentions we have received.

You may also contact our committee chairs,  Arden Brewer or Darby McClatchy , with prayer requests or questions.


Expectations for Praying Mothers' Group Members

  1. We will abide by the Confidentiality Agreement of the group.
  2. We will commit earnestly to regular attendance and prayer.
  3. We will make a concerted effort to shine brightly for Christ by holding tightly to the Word of God. We will come to God with a happy heart and be an encouragement to each other. (Phil 2:12-16 & Romans 15:32)

Our commitment to confidentiality
Confidentiality matters to St. Gabriel Praying Mothers just as much as it does in all intercessory prayer. People's names should never be mentioned unless they have said you can do so. Our prayer intentions are to be kept 100% confidential. Similarly, details of illness, domestic situations, people's problems at work or tiffs between students, parents or faculty members, etc. should not be disclosed in the context of prayer unless specifically requested.

To avoid any conflict, you can pray in a general way for people who are in pain, anxious or stressed. Breakdowns in relationships between people in the school, classroom or church might most appropriately be prayed about by using a “general” prayer. St. Gabriel Praying Mothers must never be a vehicle for gossip, prying, voyeurism or sharing of intimate information under the cover of prayer or pastoral concern. This rule needs to be stated, and adhered to.