Bringing Faith Home

Dear St Gabriel Families,

Welcome to Bringing Faith Home, with ideas to help deepen and grow your family's faith. Here, you’ll find simple ideas to help incorporate more of our beautiful faith into the busy-ness of everyday life. We hope these ideas can help your family experience a renewed sense of what it means to be a Catholic family so that all may grow and live more fully into the people God created us to be...full of joy, generosity, peace, and courage!

With our prayers and support,
The St. Gabriel Faith Advisory Committee

A Family Advent Calendar:  Simple Ideas for Each Day

View the Advent calendar here

Note:  Each family will receive a printed copy of this calendar through backpack mail in early Advent.  Extra copies are available in the school office.

Advent Calendar Side 1    Advent Calendar Side 2

Advent:  A Holy Season of Waiting

Parties, shopping, gifts, cards, lights, cookies…! Advent – this holy season of waiting for our Savior – can easily be lost in the busy-ness of the season. Our beautiful Catholic faith invites us to quiet our minds and hearts and focus on God’s greatest gift to us: Jesus. Even a few moments a day focusing outside ourselves – in prayer, reading the Bible, or doing good for another – can help bring us closer to Jesus. So the Advent Calendar (linked above) gives both our children and our families ideas of how to spend just a few moments each day. . .

Our children: The Advent Calendar includes activities for our children to perform each day on their own—at school or at home. Each morning read that day’s activity and allow your children the opportunity to serve Jesus throughout the day. The children will hear the same message at school.

Our family: In addition, each day includes a simple family activity, such as reading a passage from the Bible, praying together as a family, or learning about a saint. Place your family Bible in a prominent place, like under the Christmas tree or on your coffee table, to make it easier to read the Bible quotes as well as to remind your children of why we celebrate Christmas.

These simple activities are designed to supplement the wonderful things each family already does for Jesus and also to remind each of us of whose birth we are preparing our homes and hearts and souls for.

We hope this calendar will help your children and family reclaim the holiness of Advent!

Flowers for Mary
Please consider bringing flowers to grace the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in our school's lobby.

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the Faith Advisory Committee