Building Faith

A wide range of faith-based activities and experiences help our school carry out its mission to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel and to develop each student spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. We strive to create an environment in which the teachings of Jesus are promoted and proclaimed. We encourage parental participation in many of our faith-based events, as we week to strengthen family life in our faith community.
  • Sadlier’s We Believe curriculum provides the basis for our faith formation program. Religious instruction is an integral part of each school day, as we strive to deepen each child’s relationship with God and knowledge of our Catholic faith. Activities including songs, art projects, games, stories, videos, and writing projects help bring our faith instruction to life.
  • Daily prayer is an essential part of our school day. We begin and end each day together in prayer. We pray before meals and throughout the day at the beginning of many of our classes and meetings.
  • Prayer boxes in each classroom and the school lobby enable students, teachers, and parents to invite our Praying Mothers Team to pray on their behalf.
  • Our prayer partner program enables students in older grades to mentor and share faith with students in lower grades. Fifth grade students delight in the opportunity to shepherd their kindergarten partners through each school mass. Our 2nd graders partner with 2nd graders at St. Matthew Catholic School, as they celebrate their preparation for First Eucharist.
  • Students attend mass together weekly. They take an active role in creating the themes for each mass, selecting appropriate readings, writing prayers of the faithful, choosing songs, supporting the choir with their voices, and participating as lectors.
  • Our school music program includes learning faith-based songs that the children sing at school masses.
  • Catholic Schools Week is an annual celebration of the high-quality, faith-based education the nation's Catholic schools provide.
  • Celebrations throughout the year of church feast days and liturgical seasons provide the opportunity for students to learn about the history of the Catholic faith and develop a sense of belonging to our faith community. Events include:
    • Living Rosaries prayed during October and May
    • Cake on St. Gabriel’s feast day
    • 2nd grade “Saints Museum”
    • A visit from St. Nicholas
    • 4th grade Christmas Program
    • 5th grade Living Stations of the Cross presentation
    • May Crowning Mass and roses
  • Service opportunities enable students to answer Christ’s call to serve God by serving others. Opportunities include the 4th grade nursing home “grandbuddies” program, the annual school-wide “Crop Walk”, monthly “Thanksgiving Thursday” food pantry collections, monthly collections on “dress down” days for various charities, 1st grade Christmas carols for our parish seniors group, and cards written by students to clergy, military personnel, and elderly parish members.
Other programs and activities that support our faith include:
  • Praying Mothers Team – mothers who meet every Monday to pray for our school students and staff by name and for the intentions offered by students, parents, and staff through school prayer boxes
  • Parish Youth Group (for grades 4 through 8)
  • Faith Advisory Committee – a partnership between faculty and parents to plans and coordinate many of our school’s faith-based events
  • Signs and symbols of our faith throughout our school, including a large mural of Jesus with children in the school lobby, and numerous crucifixes, statues, rosaries, and faith messages
  • Resources to enhance our school’s religious instruction (statues, rosaries, books in the library and classrooms, prayer cards, etc.)
  • Flowers for Mary in our school lobby, provided each week by school families
  • Faith messages in our school yearbook
  • Christmas decorations and nativity set that beautify the school entrance
  • 5th grade retreat – Community Outreach and Catholic Traditions
  • 4th grade Altar Server Training
  • Bible trivia for weekly school newsletter
Sacramental Program
While it is the privilege of St. Gabriel Catholic School to help prepare students for First Penance and First Eucharist, all other procedures for receiving these sacraments are guided by the Director of the Religious Education for each student’s home parish.