At St. Gabriel Catholic School, we believe that faith-building and extracurricular activities play an important role in enriching the experience of our students.  Through participation, children are provided the opportunity to continue developing mind, body and spirit in and outside of the classroom.   

The various athletic, club, and music activities encourage learning, leadership, communication, creativity, and community.  These extracurricular activities also provide parents the opportunity to share their own individual time and talents as volunteers and help to foster the strong sense of community and oneness central to the Catholic faith.

Parents are also encouraged to start activities in which they are interested.  Your interest and willingness to take the lead in enriching the academic experience of our students through extracurricular activities is welcomed and encouraged.

Building Faith
Learn about the many ways we integrate our Catholic faith into our curriculum.

Individual and team activities are available for both boys and girls.  Grade restrictions and/or participation fees may apply - learn more about these opportunities.

New clubs and organizations are offered throughout the year. Find information on current programs and any grade restrictions and/or participation fees that may apply.

St Gabriel offers band and choir opportunities for some grades. Find information and applicable criteria on current programs.