Academic Support

The focus of the counseling and learning support program at St. Gabriel Catholic School is to encourage each student to reach his or her maximum potential. Services are offered in the areas of individual and group counseling and support for learning needs. There are a variety of free workshops available to the community at large through The Fletcher School in Charlotte which can help parents deal with difficult issues or learning problems as they arise.


Throughout the school year, counselors work with children individually, in small groups and in classroom guidance lessons. Through these services, academic and social interventions are provided to help students move toward academic sucess. Learn more about Counseling services.

Learning Support 

The Learning Support Program of Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools is a regional program established in each of the eight MACS schools. It was created for the purpose of addressing the individual learning needs of our students. Each school has one or more Learning Support Teachers who are specially trained in working with specific learning needs. Learn more about how the Learning Support program assists St. Gabriel families.