St. Gabriel School Recycles with the Green Team

The Green Team is a group of parent volunteers sponsored by the PTO, who work with the students, teachers, and staff to collect the recyclables in the school and raise awareness of “Green” initiatives. We collect paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans in classroom, playground, and cafeteria bins. Please use these for your recyclables.

In addition to these efforts, we collect:
  • Batteries: Used battery recycling containers are in the office and in the gym hallway. You can drop your used household batteries in these bins, and we will take them in to an accepted recycling location.
  • Bottle Caps: This year, the plastic bottle cap collection bin will be on-site throughout the year by the cafeteria so you can go ahead and start to fill up the bin. Your child will need to count the bottle caps before bringing them to school. The student’s name / class /# of caps must be written on the sign-up sheet on the bin, or their caps will not be included in the class competition. We will tally the class cap totals on November 15th – America Recycles Day.
  • Glue Sticks & Pens: Teaming with Terracycle, we will be recycling glue sticks / glue bottles and writing instruments. The Elmer’s Glue Crew will take any brand of glue in any empty container. St. Gabriel’s will receive points for each container recycled. Points can be redeemed for cash for the school or given to a charity. Points can also be used in ongoing charitable works such as clean water to poor villages or feeding hungry families. Our giving ability is dictated by the amount recycled. Please look for the collection bins in the school. You may have already seen these in the hallway by the gym during afternoon carpool. 
For more information, please find the Green Team chairperson's contact information on the PTO Contact List.